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Forms and Documents
Here you will find various files from meetings such as programs that were held and more.

2016 Membership Form (pdf) Print one out and give it to a friend!
Intro to Cheap HTs & Programming with CHIRP by John Pape, W5UP. These slides were from his power point presentation to the Williamson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting.
Note: 3 MB download)

Older Items 2010 Homeland Security Conference Presentation Power Point Presentation

Conventions are needed to help regulate the band plans.
Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW helps us understand some of these Conventions

Radio Frequency Interference, better known as RFI. Gene Preston, K5GP, gave a presentation in 2010 telling us what RFI is and what we can do about it.
Here you will find his presentation in both Power Point and as HTML.
NOTE: The Power Point Presentation is 3 MB.

When events come up that requires Amateur Radio, many times it is preferable to use what is called a "Tactical Call Sign"
What is a Tactical Call Sign? I am glad you asked! Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW is here to tell you all about it!
Amateur Tactical Callsigns

These days, digital television is everywhere! It is at home, at work and even at the local Thirft Stores! But what do you knopw about HDTV?
Roy Walker, WA5YZD will give you a quick guided tour of Digital Televion. NOTE: this is a 4 MB Download Power Point Presentation.

This is a small glossary of various modes of operation (besides AM/FM/SSB/CW, etc) that are common in Amateur Radio.
Brought to you by our own, Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW. Finer Points of Operation

Picture Time! Here is a .pdf of the new, 2012, antennas on the KVUE tower. This also has a couple pages of the distances the repeater can be heard around Austin
Special thanks to Ron Parsons,W5RKN for compiling the distances.

Ham Band Chart! This is the 2012 Ham Bands Chart. Print it out and keep it near your station!

Audio Section

Here you will find a couple of audio files of events that we held.
The first is the International Space Station Contact with Richard Garriott, W5KWQ.
Audio File

The second is the contact with the International Space Station the club helped the Boy Scouts with at Blackland Prarie Elementary on July 4th, 2008.
Audio File

2013 Additions!

Here is the presentation Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW gave at the March meeting describing what you can expect on HF?VHF/UHF in the Austin area. 3.2 MB .pdf

Solar Weather...what is it....what do all those numbers mean??? Oh Jeff, can ya help a friend out? Absolutely!NOTE: 4.1 MB .pdf

This is the Software Defined Radio Presentation made by Ethan, KF5UFH in April.