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This page will contain helpful links for amateur radio. Initially, we'll be adding links that are discussed during the Elmer Net (Saturday, 7:00pm, 146.94 repeater). If the list grows too long, we'll break it up into categories.

DISCLAIMER:  Inclusion of links on this page and site do not imply any endorsement or suitability for a particular purpose. Austin Amateur Radio Club provides these links only for convenience and informational purposes. It is your responsibility to exercise appropriate caution when visiting any website. We encourage you to use a virus scanner from a reputable vendor that also checks web pages for malicious pages and software.


VHF Propagation Map --
TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE due to changes in Google Maps Terms and Conditions regarding map usage. The site owners are seeking an open source maps provider. We'll try to keep an eye on it, but if you see the site is back up before us, please shoot a note to the the editor. --Thanks.
World-wide map showing actual radio propagation from stations operated near 144 MHz. Data is gathered by APRS-IS.

Remote Receiver -- 
Check your signal and listen to others on remote receivers.

Band Conditions --
imple VU-meter style indication of band conditions.

WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) --
The WSPR Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe RF propagation conditions using very low power transmissions. Click "Map" on the top menu bar to see a visual depiction of current conditions.

Propagation Maps --
Yet another real-time propagation map - geared to VHF/UHF (28MHz-450+MHz). You can choose what band and mode.

Ham Radio Software (several) --
A good selection of software for transceiver control, logging, propagation, and more!

Logbook of the World (LOTW) --
Can't send/receive QSL cards? There is an electronic option that a large number of hams use. If your QSO contact also uses LOTW, you'll likely get confirmation pretty quickly!

VHF/UHF in a Prius --
ome basic information about installing a VHF/UHF rig in a Prius.

"The Toroid King" --
Lots of useful information, including toroids, capacitors, magnet wire, and more!
Supplying Toroids, Electronic Parts and Kits to Engineers, Schools and Hobbyists

Submitted by Our Readers and Friends of AARC

The following links were submitted by our readers and other friends of AARC.  Though not all are technical in nature, these links are germane to the field of Amateur Radio.

All About Circuits --
An active and open electrical engineering online community that provides both interesting content and useful resources for electrical engineers and Amateur Radio Operators, especially the Education and Tools sections.

Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications --
Some basic info with links for further reading.

Ultimate Guide to Disaster Preparedness on a Budget --
Some helpful ideas on preparing a disaster preparedness plan. (Note: The primary website is not amateur radio related.)

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