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No in-person meetings? Try an online meeting.

04/07/2020 8:00 PM | Editor AARC (Administrator)

There are several free online meeting apps. Some are better than others, so you are encouraged to do a little research on which one will work best for you.  If you do use an online meeting app, be sure you use a password! Some platforms are more vulnerable than others and are constantly "bombed" with audio and video obscenities. Your research should include how reliable or vulnerable a platform is.

A few of the companies providing free teleconferencing include, in no particular order:

Note: Each of this has different restrictions, i.e. number of participants, time limit on meeting, etc.. Some have inexpensive "Pro" or "Plus" service plans that are relatively inexpensive (less than $20.00/month) and provide some valuable extra features.

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