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Remote Amateur License Exam Sessions

05/10/2020 3:00 PM | Editor AARC (Administrator)

Can't wait for in-person exams? There are several groups around the country now providing Remote Amateur License Exam Sessions. (Sorry... NO remote sessions from Austin exam coordinators.) Each group will have their own requirements for your testing environment.

Most of the requirements involve a "sterile" testing environment - one computer, one monitor, and nothing in the room that could be used for assistance (cheating) during the exam. The sessions will require a smart phone to be used to show examiners your ID and to scan the room prior to examination. The computer will require a web camera and microphone for monitoring during the exam. Please review the requirements for each individual session to make sure you can meet the requirements. 

Visit this site: for a list of testing sessions. Note: The list includes in-person exams, so be sure it says "Remote" session.

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