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  • 11/07/2017 10:00 PM | Michael (Administrator)

    At the November 7th meeting (2017), it was proposed to start a new 10-meter net. No specifics were discusses about the focus of the net, so I presume it will be a "social and technical". So get off of that 11-meter CB and join us on 28.410 MHz every Sunday at 3:00pm Central Time!  KE5AL has volunteered to lead the net (Net Coordinator).

  • 07/13/2017 1:45 PM | Michael (Administrator)

    ARRL reported today that the Amateur Radio Parity Act was introduced in the US Senate yesterday, July 12. This is the next step in this landmark and controversial legislation. It is claimed that the measure will supposedly "guarantee all radio amateurs living in deed-restricted communities governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) or subject to any private land use regulations, the right to erect and maintain effective outdoor antennas at their homes." However, the bill does not make it clear who determines how to measure the effectiveness of an antenna. It leaves much power with the governing entity regarding aesthetics and placement of antennas. The amateur radio operator wanting to erect an antenna will be required to "negotiate with individual HOAs to install antennas that conform to the community's aesthetic interests." Regardless of how you feel about the bill, all licensed operators are encouraged to contact their Senators to voice their opinions. If you do, please remember that you are representing not only yourself, but all amateur radio operators at the same time. Be courteous and professional and speak to the bill and how it would affect you.

    For the full ARRL article, visit

  • 06/20/2017 1:06 AM | Michael (Administrator)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The July 2017 meeting of the Austin Amateur Radio club is moved to July 11th to not conflict with 4th of July, Independence Day plans.

    July 11- usually 1st Tue 7PM- AARC Meeting @ ARL / 10,000 Burnet Rd
    Meeting topic: Jim George (N3BB) Discussion of the book "Contact Sport," and the behind the scenes story of the book and the World Radiosport Team Championship of 2014 in New England.
    Solar WX summary by Lew W5IFQ.

  • 01/16/2017 1:53 AM | Michael (Administrator)

    It's true! We have a new website. It's still a work-in-progress at the moment, but the major areas of the site are available now. The remaining areas will be finished as soon as possible.

    We are also able to provide some new features for Members Only. You'll be able to login and have your own account profile. We'll also setup some information pages only for our members.

    We're also working out the details to offer membership renewals online from this new site - switching from Paypal to a new payment merchant. More info will be posted when it's available.

    Visit often and you're sure to see more changes as we get more familiar with this new system. We hope you enjoy your stay!

    AARC Editor/Webmaster

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